Usborne Children's Book 6 Chelsea Walk Girls With a Voice
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6 Chelsea Walk Girls With a Voice

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ISBN: 9781474954952

Author: Ann Turnbull

Format: Paperback

Age: 9+

Extent: 176 Pages

Published: June 2018

Description: Discover the extraordinary lives of the inspiring girls who have lived throughout history at 6 Chelsea Walk. Mary Ann’s greatest wish is to become an opera singer, and she’s thrilled when the famous child prodigy Mozart comes to perform in Chelsea. But in a sudden twist of fate, Mary Ann must leave her Boarding School for Young Ladies, and her singing dreams are shattered. Distraught, she comes up with a plan to stay at school, oblivious to the danger it will put her in… An enchanting story of dreams and determination, set in the enthralling world of eighteenth century London.