Usborne Children's Book 6 Chelsea Walk Girls Behind the Camera
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6 Chelsea Walk Girls Behind the Camera

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ISBN: 9781474954976

Author: Adele Geras

Format: Paperback

Age: 9+

Extent: 176 Pages

Published: September 2018

Description: Discover the extraordinary lives of the inspiring girls who have lived throughout history at 6 Chelsea Walk. Cecily is enchanted when she meets Rosalind, a photographer, and begins to help her at her studio. When Cecily's father finds out, he's furious, and forbids Cecily from returning. But Cecily longs to learn more about this “art of the future” and become a famous photographer herself. Can Cecily find the courage to follow her dreams? Set in Victorian London, Girls Behind the Camera is a beautifully-crafted tale of hope and ambition.