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About this website - Ward International - Usborne Children's Books Online E-Catalogue

Ward International (WIBX) have created this website for the intention of Trade (business) customers in the Middle East and Central Asia to explore, discover and order from Usborne Children’s Books large selection of titles.

Ward International are the Middle East and Central Asian representatives of Usborne Children’s Books.

We wanted to develop an alternative to PDF catalogues and Excel lists when it comes to ordering, as well as ensuring that by having information online, it is available to customers 24/7 and can be updated regularly so that the customer can be sure information is up-to-date.

We prepared this information video which you may find useful as an initial explainer:

The website can be used for the following things:

Discovering, Exploring & Sharing Usborne Title Information

  • Browsing Usborne’s entire range of titles
  • Discovering newly released titles
  • Checking forthcoming titles – up to 3 months ahead
  • Searching for titles or topics using keywords
  • Searching for titles using ISBNs
  • Filtering Usborne’s Catalogue by Price, Frontlist, Age, Category or Subject, Release Date and Stock Status
  • Checking Export Bestsellers
  • Creating custom lists and sharing with customers using website URLs

Stock Levels at Harper Collins

  • Stock availability can be checked for each title. This is indicated underneath each title with “In Stock” or “Out of Stock”. This gives increased chance that orders are fulfilled

Ordering through the E-Catalogue

  • Customers can order from anywhere on the website
  • To set up a customer on the website, their Email, Billing Address, UK Freight Forwarder Address and discount is needed. They are then sent a confirmation email to set up a password and can then begin to order
  • Their trade discount is visible at checkout
  • A custom list, as mentioned above can be sent to customers. For example if a customer asks for “Activities for 5-7 year olds, with prices between £4.99-£5.99, that are also in stock”, one can quickly share a link, and they can order directly from the page.

WIBX-Trade Filter - Activities - 5-7 Years - Price £4.99-£5.99 - In Stock

  • Once an order is placed, Ward International receives the order and forwards it to Harper Collins.
  • No Payment is ever taken on our website. Payment is always made to Harper Collins.
  • Once we receive an order, we will confirm it via email with the customer and keep the customer up-to-date as to its progress